Starting Out in the Hobby?

If you wish to take up the hobby of building and flying Radio Control aircraft,
here are some suggestions to help you get started.
1. All beginner flyers can start with either an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) kit or a "builder's kit" (box of wood and plans), or purchase a previously used trainer from someone who has advanced from their first stage of flight training. 
2. The aircraft model should be a upper wing design with a tricycle landing gear. Much easier to begin with than a "tail dragger" and NOT a warbird, etc ... MUCH too fast to start with.
3.  Learn with an club instructor who will be using the MAAC guidelines and safety rules to ensure the most efficient and safest way to learn how to fly.
4. ​​ All instructors and flying members of the club must be members of MAAC.

Trainers such as these: NEXSTAR (ARF) on left, a Sig Kadet (ARF), the Great Planes Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer (builder's kit), or Hanger 9 Alpha 40 or good models to begin with. You may choose which power system to learn on. Either glow (fuel) engine or Electric. Some kits allow either power source so make sure you review the specifications on a kit before you buy. 
SIG Kadet Senior (kit) trainer

Other local Hobby Stores to Assist you:

For those in the Niagara Region, you may visit
Skycraft Hobbies also at 314 Lake Street, St.Catharines

Skycraft Hobbies, 115 Plains Rd, Burlington, ON

Great Hobbies, 3035 Argentia Rd, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON

Field's Hobby, 3523 Union Road Cheektowaga, NY

If you wish to contact our club, please visit the CONTACT page for an email link.
A copy of the club's application form is included.
Rose City Model Flyers
No matter how much you want it...don't start with this type.