Rose City Model Flyers

Glenn Nigh
Glenn is for sure a high quality builder and a very long time member of Rose City Model Flyers and a champion of our Club. First up will be Glens 1/4 scale Bristol Scout. Now Glenn didn't send me the measurements but I believe they will be something like 74 " wing span with a 62 " fuselage. I don't have the weight but I know it will be as light as possible. Not wanting some screws to show, Glenn increased the cowl by about 1 " to hide them.No Bristol Scout would be complete without machine guns. Here we see the layout for two guns, handmade from pattern plans off a Nieuport model.Here we see how they are mounted. One on either side of the pilot and ready to go. Next up will be a Sig Kit Model of a 1910 Deperdussin. This little bird will have 48" wingspan and a 45 " fuselage. It will be "electric" powered and only have throttle, elevator and rudder controls. It is very light with the battery being the heaviest part, but hopefully fly out doors on a calm day.

Ralph Neuman
As you will see, Ralph is going to be busy getting all this on the flight line ! First up will be the P 47 Thunderbolt.
This model is a Hanger 9 "ARF" with a 55 " wing span and electric retracts and more. It will be powered with a 20 cc gas engine. Republic P 47 Thunderbolt aka "JUG". This plane is in the scheme of Polish Ace, Witold Lanowski, a good Polish name yes. Number two plane is a Stinson Reliant.
This plane will have a 100 " wing span and will be powered by a 30 cc gas engine. This plane is now ready for paint then to the field. Plane number three when finished will be an F 4 U Corsair. This is a Top Flite Kit 1/8 scale to be powered by a DLE 20. It will have electric retracts and all the goodies. This is, I may add , a replacement of Ralphs beloved Corsair that he flew into the ground last year...Please remove your hats "In memory of a fallen bird"! Still in the box but when complete we can look forward to it being at the field for the maiden flight. Ralph is working on his landing techniques and hope not to repeat last year's event !In his spare time Ralph has made one more little contraption. Yes it is, a devise to deliver his favorite beverage of the day. After a hard days flying, with or without incident, Ralph has been known to enjoy a cool one.

Tom Gaylor
Tom is under a lot of pressure trying to finish up his winter project and keep the Ninja off his back. First and foremost Tom looks after his "ANGEL", that being Sandee (a hard worker at the field). So after all that, Tom is now burdened with the whining of Andy the "Ninja" Fakla. Andy thinks Tom should have the time to build him a classic model. So Tom got to work and here you have it. A model fit for a Ninja should be done by spring......
Now that Tom has some time to himself, out comes the winter project. This is an RV - 3 designed by Lance Manufacturing in the USA. It's an old kit from the 80's but a good flyer. Tom was in contact with the designers son who remembers it flying well. This bird will be powered by a Sachs & Dolmar 60 cc engine. It will turn a 22 x 10 prop and have a wingspan of 96 " . Sitting high on the fixed gear, and yes right on Sandee's dining room table, we can see the power plant exposed out the bottom of the cowl.

Jeff Tradburk
On the bench is an F4 U Corsair which will resemble the one flown by Lt .Robert Hampton Gray. Wing span will = 95 ", the fuselage will = 75 ". Will be powered by a 90 cc 9 cylinder engine. Wings will fold. This will be a working canopy, sliding to the rear. The control panel will be full and looking as if ready to go. Time will tell but the finished model might be in the colours of FAA Lt. Gray, VC.
This is a massive project and Jeff is working hard at it.
We look forward to seeing it on the field this year.