Rose City Model Flyers

Bob Wheaton
OK then, number one on the list is a red & white E-flite Commander. You see it sitting beside a dark blue T 28 Trojan, which incidentally belongs to me. You can see that the Commander is a little worse for wear as it flew into the path of the T 28 and got chewed up a bit. he he ha ! Now we see the winter project in action as the Commander is going to be fitted with some new parts. Now this all happened on its maiden flight, and me thinks the pilot might need a little training. We will see. OK then we can now see the winter repairs are complete and the pilot in command of the red & white Commander has put it up on the shelf waiting for yet another maiden flight. The T 28 pilot has kindly reminded the Commander pilot of the basic flying VFR rules, " See & be Seen " . 2018 should be a fun year. Number two on the bench is a Freewing AT 6 Texan with a 57.1 " wing span and is electric powered. The plan is to convert this model into a Goldilocks MK 1V Harvard. It seems to be a little light in the nose so Bob has added about 9 ounces of weight to balance it up. A little research has told him this would do it. He had the model stripped of all markings and getting ready for the Canadian look, he is just waiting for the new decals to arrive. Bob is making the very predominate exhaust stack that will stretch out the right side of the fuselage and down the wing of the Canadian Harvard . This was the mechanism for the cockpit heat system, needed in the northern training zones. The U.S. counterpart didn't have it.

Grant Wilson
The eighth Pilot member on the Show & Tell will be Grant Wilson. Grant has more irons in the fire than a blacksmith on steroids. I will line them up as best I can. It should be a very interesting spring and summer. We look forward to it Grant ! First is the P 51 Mustang " Red Tail " It is an electric powered foamy with a 57 " wing. Second is another P 51 mustang also an electric foamy with a 57 " wing.The third bird in the shop is a Hobby-hobby Spitfire MK 1. Will be powered by an OS 46 glow engine. The wing span will be 56 ". As you can see it is balsa cover on the body and will have Sig cover-all on the wing. Then the paint job and some decals. The fourth project in the shop is a Sig Cougar. This model was acquired in a trade and will need a lot of work to finish. This should keep Grant busy for awhile. Number 5 is yet another P51 D Mustang. It will be an electric conversion using a 450 out runner and a 30 amp ESC. Will have all flight controls and fixed gear. Me thinks Grant will be a busy modeler for a while.

Rick Young
Seventh pilot project is Rick Young. First is Rick's PT 19. This plane is a Dyna flight kit with a balsa covered foam wing 89 " long. It will be powered with a Zenoah G 26 engine.There is more painting to be done and this will have to wait for the warmer weather.Second up is Ricks 1/4 scale DH 94. This is a Jerry Bates Kit that has a 109 " wing and powered by a DLE 35 gas engine. Going along for the ride will be this dog ugly pilot that Rick purchased from England ! Glad I'm not his passenger.

Andy Fakla
The sixth Pilot member on the Show & Tell will be Andy Fakla. Andy is working hard to finish up a P 40 Warhawk that he acquired from Tom Gaylor. The plane will have a 92 " wing span & a 64 " body. The plane will be powered by a 35 DLE gas engine and should weight in a little over 6 lbs.One of the outstanding features of the Warhawk is the cowl. Here we can see the Andy has his work cut out for him. The cowl is being fitted to the nose of the fuselage. It will be fitted with a fixed landing gear.

Dave Harvey
Here we see that Dave also sails across the water! First article is a 1 / 50 scale "CLIPPER". Dave is now working on the rigging. It is done with individual planks as well as the cannons each made up with about 10 parts each ​The craft is a "HARVEY", skillfully assembled and looking like it is ready for the open seas. Hopefully we will get to see it on the Canal Days Event 2018.
Second item is a Topflight Spitfire, 63 inch wing, waiting for the motor and the paint job.​ ​​Item 3 is a Super Sky bolt that has been in the shop for 15 years. 2018 will be the year for the maiden flight. This is a Great Planes Kit 57 ´wing span and will be powered by an OS 65 AX engine. We should see this in the air in the spring.

Bill Henderson
The fourth Pilot member on the Show and Tell will be Bill Henderson...Snow Bird guy.... Bill has a project on the go to keep himself occupied when he is not flying. As you can see this is a Seagull Model P-47 Thunderbolt Powered by an E-flite 60 motor with a 100 amp speed control system. Uses an A 6S battery and will be ready to go when we open the field this spring.

Rob Rittner - Sopwith Pup
Another project for last couple years is this Balsa USA 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup that Rob acquired from Glenn Nigh. It had a Quadra 60cc engine , but he is replacing it with a brand new DLE 55cc gas engine. Here are some of the specs from Balsa USA:
Wing Span: 108 in
Wing Area: 4428 sq in
Wing Loading: 15 - 18 oz/sq ft
Flying Weight: 29 - 34 lbs
Fuselage Length: 77 in
Height: 36 in
Recommended Engine Size: 45 - 70cc Gasoline
It is presently in the markings of RNAS Sqdn CO EH Dunning who completed ship borne landings in Summer 1917 with this particular aircraft. However, he may change it to RNAS 3 Sqdn, Black Arrow, flown by SubFt Lt Pierce.

Doug Mais
The second Pilot member in the Show & Tell will be Doug Mais. Doug is putting together a Dynaflite Super Decathlon. This model was left on the shelf by a friend and Doug acquired it. It has an 89 inch wing, all wood construction with some aluminum parts. It should weigh in around 16 lbs when finished. Works on 4 channels and Doug is searching for a motor like a Saito 1.80 to power it.

Al Pender
The first Pilot member on the Show & Tell will be Al Pender. Al is hoping to fly his new Cessna 150 " foamy " early this spring and hopes to get more than "ONE" FLIGHT ! Electric of course, with an 84 inch wing span. It’s a model he purchased at Sky Craft and is put out by Horizon E-flight. Al uses a Spectrum 6 radio and this is a 5 channel set up on 2.4.