Winter Projects on the Go
Bob Gunter : (our President)
​Restoration of a 1/4 scale Mk V Spitfire. This plane was built by a very skilled modeler named Dick Speidel from the Fort Erie area. Dick was a close and personal friend of our member Pat Deschamps, and their group flew off a field in Fort Erie for many years. Sadly both the field and Dick have passed into history but their memory lives on. Pat was looking for a home for the Spit and I was lucky enough to be the one to get it. Removed from it’s perch in Pats shop, the big Spit is now on my bench. Bits and pieces have been gathered up and will be cleaned and re-installed with the hopes of flying it in the summer of 2019. First we had to move it in from Fort Erie and stand it up on it’s nose with the other big guys. The Spit fuselage measures in at 91 inches.

Pat Deschamps :  

Pat is scratch building a ​C 45 Expeditor. They were used as light bombers, navigation and bombing trainers, photo reconnaissance and target drone tow ships. Pat is building this model off of Nick Ziroli plans and when complete it will be approximately 1/4 scale in size. The main wing will measure in at 114 inches and the body at 80 inches. It will be powered by twin US 41 gas engines. The finished plane will weigh in at approximately 40 lbs. It should be noted that the blue prints for this model were sent to Precision Kit Cutters and they then die cut the parts and sent them to Pat, He was also able to get a wind shield, side windows, cowls etc.
Andy Fakla: (Safety Officer)

​The M1B Bristol Scout WW 1 Fighter. 
Manufactured by the Bristol Aircraft Company and designed by Frank Barnwell with about 130 planes built. First flew on July 14, 1916. Used by the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force as well as the Chilean Air Force and armed with a .303 caliber machine gun. The model will be 1 sixth scale, measuring at 64 “ wing span and 40 “ fuselage. Should weigh in at 5 1/2 1bs., and is powered by a 70 OS 4 stroke glow engine. It is covered in olive drab polyester cloth. The body is a Balsa USA kit consisting of balsa and plywood material with fiber glass cowl. 

​Andy is also working on an ARF....
Shorts Tucano... You might wonder what is a Tucano aircraft? The Short Tucano is a two seat turbo-prop basic trainer, built By the Short Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a version of the Brazilian EMB—312 Tucano. This model will be as follows: 
Wing span = 65 inches Fuselage = 59 inches Weight = 9 1/2 lbs. ​ Five channel system with 9 servos and will be in the markings of the Brazilian Air Force's "Esquadrilha da Fumaça".

Andy has also finished building a large scale Curtis P 40 “ WAR HAWK “
Wing span measures out to 92 inches Fuselage will measure out to 75 inches.  Motor is a 35 DLE gas Propeller with a 19 / 8.  Plane will weigh in at 18 lbs. Covered in Solar polyester clothe Painted in olive green and grey water based paint, 5in. aluminum red spinner, shark teeth and Chinese wing markings.