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Local Hobby Stores

For those in the Niagara Region, you may visit the shops below:

Skycraft Hobbies, 314 Lake Street, St.Catharines, ON

Skycraft Hobbies, 115 Plains Road, Burlington, ON

Great Hobbies, 3035 Argentia Road, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON

A&J Hobbies  200 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 28, Concord, ON

Trainers such as these: NEXSTAR (ARF), the Great Planes Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer (builder's kit), or Hanger 9 Alpha 40 or good models to begin with. You may choose which power system to learn on. Either glow (fuel) engine or Electric. Some kits allow either power source so make sure you review the specifications on a kit before you buy.

E-flite sells some excellent entry level flyers that come with SAFE, a technology that can make things much less expensive for the novice flyer. SAFE equipped aircraft include the Apprentice S 15e  , the Timber   and the Maule . While SAFE is universally panned by seasoned flyers, it makes a great learning tool, and can be disabled and re-enabled at the flip of a switch.  

Also, coming out this February is FMS Cessna 182 from BananaHobbies 

  This amazing hobby is shared by aviation enthusiasts all around the world.  If you wish to  enter the hobby as  a new pilot, there are many things to consider such as type of plane to learn with, type of power systems ... such as gas engines, glow or electric motors.  There is radio control power flight, RC gliding, control line flying, water based flying, etc.  You will find many avenues to go down and explore.  

  So, if you are interested in learning to fly radio controlled model aircraft,  this section will give you some basic information to help you get started. The following advice is primarily aimed at the prospective fixed wing pilot

  Power models should have at least 3 functions: throttle, rudder and elevator, although provided the student is using the services of an instructor, there is no reason why a trainer should not have aileron control as well. The undercarriage arrangement will usually be tricycle, rather than tail-dragger, as this makes ground handling easier. However, there is no reason why a taildragger should not be used if preferred. The engine should be easily accessible and preferably mounted upright or sideways.

Click on the link to the left to watch an informative video from our friends at FliteTest, on which type of plane to start you in the hobby

Here is a very interesting article on the History of Model Flying from our friends at the British Model Flying Asso.  Click on their logo to the right to read.